Pentens Latex - 108

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  • Pentens Latex - 108

Pentens Latex-108 is an one-component,  acrylic based liquid resin, mix with normal Portland cement or white cement, used as flexible adhesive, patching mortar, base coat and the water-resistant. 


Pentens Latex-108 can only apply to sound, clean, dry, well prepared, frost-free surfaces. After mixing with cement, it may be used: 

- As a base coat for floor screeds 

- As a flexible adhesive for tiling, glazing, 

- As a patching mortar, concrete repair mortars 

- As a abrasion resistant linings





 - Easy to use, only mix with cement on the job  site 

- Excellent adhesion and durability 

- Crack resistance 

- Good flexural strength 

- Good impact strength 

- Freeze-thaw resistance 

- Vapor permeable 

- Low alkalinity 

- Excellent water resistance