Selleys All Purpose Paint Brush 2"

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  • Selleys All Purpose Paint Brush 2"
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Selleys All Purpose Paint Brush 2"

Selleys All Purpose Brushes Have Been Developed To Ensure A Unrivaled Quality. The Soft Bristles Result In A Smooth Paint Finish On Most Surfaces With Acrylic Or Enamel Base Paints For Interior And Exterior.


  • Tapered Filaments For Smooth Even Finish
  • For Acrylic Or Enamel Based Paints
  • Suitable For Interior & Exterior Use


Using Your Brush:

  • When Using Water Based Paint Soak Brush In Water For 3 Minutes Then Shake Out Excess Water Prior To Painting
  • Dip The Brush Only Halfway Into The Paint. Remove Excess By Tapping Gently Against Top Of Can. Do Not Scrape Sides.
  • Dip The Brush Like A Pencil, Using Long, Steady Strokes.
  • Paint With The Brush Tip – Not The Sides. Start At The Top When Painting Walls.

Handy Tips:

  • Never Stir Paint With Brush
  • Never Let Brush Soak In Water For Prolonged Period - It Will Become Floppy
  • Clean Brush Immediately After Use