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Figo Bowl & Dish Shelf K03G-3BN

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  • Figo Bowl & Dish Shelf K03G-3BN (FNTR00999-00460)


Dish rack, cup hanger, spoon/fork/chopstick holder, plus the bottom rack. You got everything you need in a dish rack, and it's handsome
It's sturdy, easy to clean, and I especially like the catch tray under the bottom rack. Very easy to pull out and dump the tray of the drip water and wipe it clean. No more nasty plastic with the slim that will build up no matter how often you rinse it out

It's the perfect size for your kitchen counter .The plastic water tray on the bottom is very easy to remove and clean. The silverware rack is very large and holds an entire service for four pretty well. The top rack of the main holder is designed well to hold most round and square plates, It's just as wide as the bottom, too, so it can hold your pots and pans as well.