Selleys Liquid Nails Mirror 310G

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  • Selleys Liquid Nails Mirror 310G

Selleys Liquid Nails Mirror 310G
Is A Premium Grade, High Strength Construction Adhesive That Has Non-Corrosive Properties When Being Used On Mirrors. Most Other Construction Adhesives Do Not Have This Capability And Will De-Silver The Mirror. Liquid Nail Mirror & Aluminum Is Heat And Steam Resistant Which Is Important When Fixing Mirrors To Walls In Bathrooms.


Ideal For:

  • Mirror
  • Aluminium
  • Metal
  • Steel
  • Glass



  • Heat & Steam Resistant
  • High Temperature & Uv Resistant
  • Will Not Discolour Mirrors
  • Strong Vertical Hold
  • Non-Corrosive
  • For Interior & Exterior Use



  • Ensure The Surface Is Sound, Dry, And Free From Oil, Grease And Dust.


Application For Mirrors:

  • For Mirrors Up To 6Mm Thick, Apply Strips Of Adhesive Approximately 8Cm Apart. Do Not Apply Adhesive Within 5Cm Of Mirror Edge.
  • Immediately After Applying Adhesive, Place Mirror Against Wall Before Adhesive Skins (Within 5 Minutes).
  • When Mirror Is Pressed Onto The Wall, Strips Of Adhesive Must Not Spread Into, Or Touch One Another. A Gap Must Remain Between Them.
  • Hold In Place With Temporary Supports (E.G. With Clips Or Tape) To Maintain Adhesive Contact Over The Total Bond Area Until Sufficient Adhesive Strength Has Developed (Normally After 72 Hours).
  • Do Not Seal Around The Edges Of The Mirror For At Least A Week To Allow Air Circulation.
  • Mirrors Should Not Be Fixed Directly To Unpainted Timber, Plaster, Concrete Or Brick Walls. These Surfaces Should Be Painted To Prevent Potential Damage To Mirror.


General Application:

  • Painted Surfaces Should Not Be Flaky Or Peeling. Freshly Painted Surfaces Should Be Allowed To Dry For At Least 7 Days, Before Job Is Done. Test For Compatibility On Painted Surfaces, Before Using.
  • Not For Permanent Water Immersion.
  • Not For Rigid Bonds (Eg. Broken Glass).
  • Adhesive Requires Air To Cure.
  • Clean Up While Wet With Mineral Turps.


Handy Tips:

  • If Repositioning Materials, Fresh Adhesive Must Be Applied To Achieve Bonding.
  • Liquid Nail Mirror & Aluminium Cannot Be Used As A Contact Adhesive.
  • Working Time Is 10 Minutes. Ensure Surfaces Are Brought Together Before This Time.
  • Wipe Up Any Spills And For Cleaning Any Material Off The Skin Before It Cures.


Safety Tips:

  • On Contact, Uncured Sealant Can Irritate Eyes.
  • If In Eyes, Flood With Water For At Least 15 Minutes And Seek Medical Advice.
  • Avoid Contact With Skin. If Contact Occurs, Wipe Off Immediately And Wash With Detergent. May Irritate Sensitive Skin.
  • Avoid Breathing Vapours.
  • Ensure Use In A Well Ventilated Area, Product Releases Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime While Curing.


Material Safety Data Sheet: