Selleys Multi Grip 30Ml

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  • Selleys Multi Grip 30Ml

Selleys Multigrip 30Ml
A Strong, Clear, Flexible Multipurpose Adhesive. Ideal For Repair Of Household Items And Use For Craft And Hobby Projects.


Ideal For:

  • Metal (Jewellery, Toys Etc) 
  • Most Plastics (Toys, Dolls Etc) 
  • Canvas (Deck Chairs, Tents Etc.) 
  • Timber (Models, Toys, Etc) 
  • Fabric 
  • Crockery



  • Dries Clear - No Unsightly Joints
  • Water Resistant
  • Flexible - Non-Rigid Bond Allows Some Give In The Joint
  • Fast Bonding - Instant Bond Using Contact Method
  • An All-Purpose Glue Which Bonds Most Materials
  • Grabs In Minutes - The Exact 'Grab Time' Depends On The Surfaces To Be Joined
  • Interior And Exterior Use - Can Be Used Both Outside And Inside And Stands Up To Wet Weather Conditions
  • Fast Drying



  • Remove All Dirt, Dust And Grease From Surfaces To Be Joined. Unscrew Cap And Carefully Pierce Diaphragm In Tube With A Nail Or Paperclip. Replace Nozzle Part Of Cap
  • Squeeze Gently, Apply An Even Coating Of Multi Grip To Both Surfaces To Be Joined. Press Surfaces Together And Clamp Or Hold Firmly For Approximately 1-2 Minutes Or Until Adhesive Grabs. (Instant Bonds Can Be Achieved With The Contact Method By Coating Both Surfaces And Wait Approximately 1 Minute Before Pressing Parts Together Firmly.)
  • Leave Assembly Undisturbed Until Adhesive Fully Dries. Approximately 10-12 Hours Is Needed To Achieve Strength For Normal Use. Maximum Bond Strength Is Achieved After 24 Hours Or Longer If Large Areas Or Non-Porous Materials Are Being Bonded.
  • Replace Cap Firmly On Tube For Storage. Ensure No Residue Remains On Thread Of Tube Before Replacing Cap.
  • Clean Up Spills With Acetone Or Nail Polish Remover. (Note: These Are Aggressive Solvents And Can Damage Some Surfaces Of Many Materials. Its Effect On The Material Should Be Trialed On An Inconspicuous Area First.)


Handy Tips:

  • For Very Porous Surfaces - Apply A Thin Coating Of Adhesive To Both Surfaces And Allow To Dry (Approximately 5 Minutes). Apply Multi Grip Again And Follow How To Use Guide.
  • To Extend Life Of Product Always Apply The Cap When Not In Use.
  • For Excess Adhesive On Hands, Apply A Solvent Such As Acetone (Most Nail Polish Removers) Then Wash Off With Soapy Water Followed By Sorbolene Cream Or Vegetable Oil.


Safety Tips:

  • Handle With Care, Highly Flammable.
  • Intentional Misuse By Deliberately Inhaling The Vapours From This Product Can Be Harmful Or Fatal.
  • If In Eyes, Hold Eye Open, Flush With Water For At Least 15 Minutes And Obtain Medical Attention.
  • If Skin Contact Occurs, Remove Contaminated Clothing And Wash Before Re-Use. Scrape Off Skin While Wet. Wash With Plenty Of Soap And Water.


Material Safety Data Sheet: