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Koya Alkaline Degreaser P529 (BLUE)

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  • Koya Alkaline Degreaser P529 (BLUE)
Alkaline Degreaser is a concentrated mixture of solvent surfactants, sequestrates, alkalis and additives. It is used as a degreasing solution for the removal of both light and heavy contanmination of engine oils,  resinous materials and soft carbon.
It is generally recommended that a concentration of 10-20% v/v in water be used for light contanminations. The working solution should be left in contact with the soil for approximately 15 minutes and then rinsed off with a spray system. For the removal of very heavy contanminations, it may be necessary to use higher concentration of P-529.
- Not to be consumed
- Keep out of reach of children.
- If accidentally touches eyes, rinse with a lot of water for at least 15 minutes and seek medication.
Store in dry and cool (below 40°c) and keep away from direct ultra-violet sunlight. Keep away from food and children.
500ml, 4000ml & 25Ltrs